Multi Colour - 10X8 Multi Colour - 10X8
    Multi Colour - 12X12 Multi Colour - 12X12
    Canvas Pad

    Cotton Canvas Pads - Multi Colour

    With a spectrum of vibrant canvas sheets, each one inviting you to explore your artistic vision, this pad is a versatile companion for artists of all levels. Whether you're sketching, painting, or experimenting with mixed media, these acid-free, textured sheets provide a sturdy and receptive canvas for your ideas. The Multicolor Canvas Pad encourages you to unleash your creativity, one page at a time, offering a platform where your imagination can take center stage. Discover the endless spectrum of artistic expression with the Multicolor Canvas Pad by Pan Art.

    Sizes:  10"x8", 12"x12"
    GSM: 340 
    No. of Leaves: 10 (2 Leaf x 5 Colour)

    Leaf Colour-Black, Grey, Olive, Orange, Green