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    Deckle Edge Paper Sheets

    Deckle Edge Paper - White

    The collection of handmade paper from Panart is made completely from recycled materials and are environmentally sustainable while maintaining an upmarket feel and aesthetics.

    Material: Acid-Free, 100% Cotton Rag Handmade Paper
    GSM: 200, 300, 600, 1000  

    Layout: Portrait
    Application: Our 200gsm paper is suitable for sketching with pencils, pastels, charcoal. The 300gsm ones work well with gouache and watercolour while 600gsm and 1000gsm are suitable for acrylic paints.

    Thickness & Size: 
    200GSM - Smooth Texture - White

    8.3" x 11" (21x30cm)

    300, 600, 1000GSM - Rough Texture - Off-White
    8.3" x 11" (21x30cm) 
    11.7" x 16.5" (30x42cm)
    22" x 30" (56x76cm)

    Available In:
    Pack of 25 - 
    Pack of 10 - 300gsm, 600gsm, 1000gsm