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    "Panart's mission to service the global artist community hinges on the three main planks of quality, affordability and respect for the environment. All products showcased bear their genesis to a deep domain knowledge of the artist’s environment and have been specially tuned to enhance performance.

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    The flat synthetic filaments of the Echo Synthetic brushes form a sharp edge at the top and allow a wide range of brush strokes. I have been using these brushes for half a year now, almost exclusively. Now I know how much the quality of the tool matters, even if I learned to appreciate it only late. Thanks Panart!
    - Yo Reuhmer, Pleinair Painter, Germany

    Panart brushes are a delight to use thanks to their softness and precision. Panart painting knives have just the right flexibility, and thanks to the various forms available they’re perfect in every situation. Aside from being extremely useful, these tools are aesthetically beautiful also. When using instruments with such a sleek design, it really makes a difference in the creative experience.
    - Mario Minarini, Figurative Painter, Italy

    Panart brushes and painting knives have a unique and smart design. The handles of the Densified Range of painting knives are not just aesthetically pleasing, the arched handles provide a very comfortable grip.
    - Irene Veltman, Contemporary Artist, The Netherlands

    I love the irregular surface of the beautiful handmade paper from Panart. I’ve used both the 300gsm and the 600gsm and it feels like an indulgence each time. I specialise in miniature painting and their 0 round and 5/0 brushes I have are ideal for the job. Top quality products which I can highly recommend.
    - Bronwyn Royce, Watercolour Artist, United Kingdom

    Artist Brushes
    Artist Canvas
    Painting Knives
    Handmade Paper

    Artist Brushes

    Each Panart artist brush is handcrafted and put through stringent quality checks to ensure compliance with international standards. The result – a painting brush that will be your companion for a lifetime.

    • Finest Handpicked Filaments
    • Remarkable Paint Pick-up & Release
    • Exceptional Shape Retention & Spring Back
    • Each Tuft 100% Handmade
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    Artist Canvas

    Panart’s collection of artist canvases are highly versatile and reliantly durable. We offer canvas products in the form of canvas rolls, stretched canvas, canvas panels, and canvas pads.

    • Made From Special Quality Fabrics
    • Primed with Acrylic Titanium Gesso
    • Acid-Free Sizing
    • Varied Sizes & Weights
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    Painting Knives

    Panart’s precision-designed painting knives boast of a single piece construction of the blade that allows for a unique amalgamation of flexibility and stiffness.

    • Rounded Edge Blades
    • High Flat Shoulder Design
    • Excellent Maneuverability
    • Ergonomic Shape
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    Handmade Paper

    Panart’s collection of handmade paper is made from 100% recycled cotton rag; free of wood pulp; and environmentally sustainable.

    • Acid-Free Construction
    • Great Bursting & Tearing Strength
    • Varied Sizes & Weights
    • Eco-friendly & Sustainable
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    A fusion of aesthetics and functionality – Panart’s entire range of brush bags and wraps, aprons, pencil cases, and tote bags serve a simple purpose - enhancing the artist's convenience.

    • Smart & Functional Design
    • Excellent Durability
    • Complete Protective Storage
    • Remarkably Easy-To-Use
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