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    PK13A1-08 PK13A1-08
    Grey Handle Grey Handle
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    Densified Wood Range

    Painting Knives

    Panart's precision-designed painting knives boast of a single piece construction of the blade that allows for a unique amalgamation of flexibility and stiffness. These top-performing tools, made from special grade steel, give an artist the ability to create a large variety of textures and blend colours on a multitude of surfaces.

    Functional Features:
    - Blades finished with rounded edges to prevent surface tear.
    - Excellent maneuverability.
    - High flat shoulder design for precise control.
    - Ergonomically designed product.
    - Densified Wood handle for enhanced durability & aesthetics

    Characteristics of Densified Wood:
    - Unique colour pattern.
    - Negligible water absorption.
    - Almost double density to natural wood.
    - Long-lasting glossy finish.

    Shapes available as individual pieces & set of five (Diamond, Leaf, Arch, Baguette, Pear).